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Smart city chief call

urban menus chief call

we are looking for the

12 smartest

city/community chiefs

Have you created or are planning an interesting future space in your city? An area that is to be adapted or redesigned? Where specific or typical problems are to be addressed?
Share your urban visions, potential analyses, and experiences with the URBAN MENUS platform. Get feedback and new ideas on how to, skillfully and consensus-based, integrate the values of happiness, safety, innovation, profitability, and circularity into your project.

Every month an exciting case is presented and discussed!

The award-winning city or its chief will be presented on the Smart City Platform and can take part, free of charge, in an URBAN MENUS Future Planning Training, in which the case will be discussed in detail: In other words, we will help you to reflect on your project by questioning its effects and values from a multi-perspective view, to ensure that as many people as possible will enjoy living and working in the place you want to create.

How is the selection made?

Choices are made transparently based on these criteria:

  • URBAN MENUS Algorithm, which covers the 5 topics happiness, safety, innovation, profitability, circularity – we’re searching for projects with different focal points
  • Diversity of cases, because we want to create an exciting, broad platform that is neither specialized in one Smart City topic nor in one city size

Here is space for your contribution
Please prepare everything in advance – the page cannot be cached.

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